Claude Diamond, J.D. is a good friend and personal sales,
creative real estate and success coach to The Kalis Brothers.

You can see an exclusive collection of interview with him by clicking HERE.

Claude has been a successful real estate investor, mentor, speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur

for more than 25 years. He has written and published dozens of books, newsletters, and manuals, teaching

creative entrepreneurs how to create wealth through unconventional and creative methods of sales, marketing and negotiation.

He has graciously offered to his foundational book, “How To Sell With G.U.T.S,” to our Flipping Awesome Alliance members.

Bottom line: If you truly want to master The Million Dollar Skill to set you apart from all other investors, who just “wing it,” this is the place to start.

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How to Sell with G.U.T.s (Excerpt)™

Feel free to reach out directly with Claude. He’s the only “guru” that actually answers his own phone.

And, if you tell him The Kalis Brothers sent you, he’ll give you some really cool free stuff, including a FREE 1-hour coaching session via Skype. | (970) 281-5151 | [email protected]