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So, you did all four of those, right? If so, welcome to the family! If not, perhaps you need to be inspired about what Flipping Awesome! is, what we dream for it to be, and what we can provide through it in the words below. The following is our manifesto…and we are sure you’ll enjoy it.


We are brothers, Dan and Joe Kalis. If you want to be a successful real estate entrepreneur, but need a little encouragement, industry perspective, and especially some direction on how to secure and close your first — or next — deal, this page is for you.

Our belief is that building a business around your lifestyle (and expression of the things that are most important to you) is more possible… more fun… and more effective if you think and act more like a true entrepreneur and investor than an employee or a self-employed person, whether your goal is to build a lifestyle business or an empire.

For more about who we are, what we believe, who our community is for, and who it’s NOT for, please watch our short intro video below…


What is a Real Estate Entrepreneur? 

A real estate entrepreneur is a dealmaker whose business it is to buy, sell, or broker real estate related assets through strategic marketing, authentic relationships, efficient systems, effective negotiations, and creative solutions. Such a business man or woman has a goal of spending their time working on their business more than in it. They are committed to constant optimization of processes and results. A real estate entrepreneur is a leader of people and a manager of systems.

What is “Flipping?”

In the traditional sense, flipping means rehabbing or wholesaling properties. But we strive to expand that definition to the activity of acquiring an asset in one condition, or from a person in one situation, and transitioning/transforming/upgrading (or flipping). In this context, flipping can and does include buy and hold strategies. It could includes properties, land, contracts, or notes.


Here are a few of the most important foundational concepts and principles for a newer or aspiring real estate entrepreneur…

This last link is to a podcast episode not recorded by us, but it provides such a useful and relevant perspective on what you can do if you don’t even have a couple hundred bucks of free cash to invest in education, marketing, earnest money, or even the very basic needs of running a lean real estate business. We know from tons of conversations with members of our community that a lot of you are in this exact situation, and THIS is one of the best solutions to that problem we’ve ever heard.



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The Flipping Awesome! community was created by brothers Dan & Joe Kalis, who you may have heard about already, or maybe you don’t really care! We think that when you learn more about us, our story and our journey, you’ll be able to resonate with the message and purpose of Flipping Awesome! a lot more. Feel free to click on our picture for a full bio! You won’t regret it.


In addition to our Flipping Awesome! Group Coaching program, here is a short list of a few educational courses offered by friends of ours in the business, by category of interest:


We’re here for you as both a guide and as a friend, and appreciate your time and consideration. 

We want to hear your stories. We want to know how else we can help you. We want the Flipping Awesome! experience to be our experience, together. That’s how we all learn and grow together, including us.

We do our best to respond to emails. We treat everyone equally. And we firmly believe that we’re not special, just normal guys who enjoy working hard and working smart. In everything we do here with Flipping Awesome!, we truly want to make the real estate industry a better place.

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