Whether you are a licensed real estate investor or you hire an agent to sell your houses or if you go FSBO (for sale by owner), imagine if your consultations went like this. Business would be even more interesting!

[VIDEO] If Kids Could Buy Houses

Real Estate Investors Are (should be) Great Marketers Imagine this… Every restaurant in your town is running the same ad, offering the same thing, every day. “We sell food … Want some?” — On road signs outside the restaurant… — On post cards sent to your home… — Amidst the […]

7 Examples Of Better Offers Than “We Buy Houses”

After going through all of The Four Stages of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor  1. Think A Million The pursuit of money is a spiritual journey. Money reflects your innermost values and has the power to reveal you. Money is also about choices. The more you have, the more positive choices you […]

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor (Part 2): The 4 Stages

Part 1: Charting the Course is all about setting a foundation for success in your real estate investing journey. A large part of success in any venture has to do with your attitude about it, as well as how clear you are on your goals surrounding it. In this section […]

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor (Part 1): Charting The Course

Whether is be through the brokerage he founded (Keller Williams) in 1983 that changed the paradigm of a very old industry, or through authoring one of his many books about overall success (including the one we will be highlighting this month — The Millionaire Real Estate Investor), Gary Keller is an […]

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor: Overview

In response to some training about nothing down real estate deals, one of our awesome subscribers asked the following question: “No money down? What about the EMD (earnest money deposit)? Unless you have a partner, then the EMD will have to come from you. Am I wrong?” One of the beautiful things about […]

Earnest Money Deposits on Nothing Down Real Estate Deals

September 11. Other than it being my birthday, it’s a day that creates a lot of emotion for millions of people. What really happened on that fateful day, 14 years ago? Only few know FOR SURE, but regardless of knowing that, we must be reminded that days and events like […]

9/11, Economic Chaos & Creative Real Estate Investing

Happy Labor Day/Weekend, Flipping Awesome Community! The Kalis Brothers wish you and yours a very safe, fun, restful (and profitable?) extended weekend. But…. we have a question for you. It has to do with how you view being a real estate investor/entrepreneur. Please watch our short video below and leave […]

Working On Labor Day?

Real Estate Investor Leverage
(This article is Part 2 of 2, although Part 1 is titled, “5 Prominent Examples Of Inaccurately Calling Yourself A ‘Real Estate Investor‘“) Creative And Smart Leverage Is Good For Your (Business) Health. Previously, in Part 1 of this article, “5 Prominent Examples Of Inaccurately Calling Yourself A ‘Real Estate […]

3 Commonly Overlooked Assets That 7-Figure Real Estate Entrepreneurs Invest ...

(This article is Part 1 of 2, although Part 2 is titled, “3 Commonly Overlooked Assets That 7-Figure Real Estate Entrepreneurs Invest In (Other Than Property)“) Misleading Job Titles Are Bad For Your (Business) Health. If you’re like most real estate investors, Robert T. Kiyosaki’s NY Times bestselling book, Rich […]

5 Compelling Examples Of Inaccurately Calling Yourself A ‘Real Estate ...