Introducing Brothers Dan & Joe Kalis

Dan and Joe Kalis     Dan Joe Kids White Blazer

 “Flipping Awesome! is not about us. It’s basically a documentary of our journey to become financially independent real estate entrepreneurs — the things we’re learning and doing, succeeding and failing at, and the people we’re collaborating with along the way.” —The Kalis Brothers, Dan & Joe


NAME: Daniel Edward Kalis

LOCATION: Crystal Lake, IL

FAMILY: Married for 8 years; One daughter (2 years old)

OCCUPATION: Real estate investor, broker and virtuoso; Co-creator of Flipping Awesome!, ChiBurbia, and Homeowner Help Desk

PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: 17 years of professional experience in the areas of real estate, lending, marketing, public relations, fitness, and small business consulting. Notable affiliations and clients include the City of Chicago, Wells Fargo, A.G. Edwards & Sons, Lifetime Fitness and a myriad of real estate investors and small businesses around the U.S.

FAVORITE FOOD: Sushi (tuna); Grass-fed steak and butter

FAVORITE BEVERAGE: Purified water; Bulletproof Coffee

FAVORITE MUSIC: Frank Sinatra, Led Zeppelin, Jack White, and Diana Krall

FAVORITE MOVIES: Wedding Crashers; Big Lebowski, Goodfellas

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy

BUSINESS INFLUENCES: Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Jim Rohn, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, and Joe Polish

FAVORITE VICE: Drinking red wine; Eating nachos

PET PEEVES: Slow traffic, slow computers, and ignorant people


BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Hitting a home run at Thillens Stadium at age 10; Having my dad be a dedicated little league baseball coach for many years


NAME: Joseph Allen KalisJoe Pro pic

LOCATION: Wheeling, IL

FAMILY: Married for 7 years; One daughter (2 years old)

OCCUPATION: Real estate investor, broker and virtuoso; Co-creator of Flipping Awesome!, ChiBurbia, and Homeowner Help Desk

PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: 19 years of self-taught web design experience and 10 years of professional service, systems and operations support in the areas of telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, home security, and most recently software-as-a-service. My greatest strength is optimizing the efficiency of current or non-existing processes and internal systems.

FAVORITE FOOD: Crab rangoon, nachos or pizza

FAVORITE MUSIC: Emery, For Today, Bastille…too many others to mention. Depends on my mood or what I’m trying to accomplish at the moment

FAVORITE MOVIES: The Big Lebowski, Shawshank Redemption, Tommy Boy, The Notebook, Moulin Rouge

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Currently: Walking Dead, Undateable, Mike & Molly, The Blacklist. All-Time: Chicago Blackhawks games, Saved By The Bell, Dawson’s Creek

BUSINESS INFLUENCES: My love for internet marketing all started with Pat Flynn & Amy Porterfield. Others since then that have shaped me are Michael Gerber, Michael Hyatt, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Stelzner, Brian Clark, & Ryan Deiss.

FAVORITE VICE: Microbrew beer, nachos, and Days of Our Lives

PET PEEVES: Apathetic and/or entitled people, dog owners who bring their dogs outside without a leash (my dog will eat you!)


BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Any of our family vacations…several cruises & trips to Florida

WHY I LOVE REAL ESTATE: Financially speaking, property is positively the most reliable investment you can make, in the sense that it’s value is most likely to stay stable long-term…and it’s very tangible. Real estate also allows so much creativity both in the types of deals you can do, as well as the creativity involved with the work done for each project. Aside from all that, we’re able to coordinate win-win situations creating profits through helping people unload unwanted properties.