September 11.

Other than it being my birthday, it’s a day that creates a lot of emotion for millions of people.

What really happened on that fateful day, 14 years ago? Only few know FOR SURE, but regardless of knowing that, we must be reminded that days and events like that create economic chaos and fear amongst consumers — the very people we as real estate investors are attempting to buy from and sell to. Those, whose sentiments and actions dictate our marketplace.

Of course, if we are CREATIVE, it doesn’t matter if we are in a bull (increasing) or bear (decreasing) market, a recession, depression or a bubble. 

Successful entrepreneurs and marketers in all industries zig while the masses zag.

FYI there’s no lesson or tip today. No weird observations, anaologies or metaphors.

Let’s just agree to take this day, September 11, to be GRATEFUL that we are in an industry and position to remain profitable, and serve our target market, regardless of the crazy world events that happen outside of our control.

Of course we should remember those who innocently died on that tragic day, and pray that innocent lives would be spared in the future from acts of terrorism, no matter who the terrorISTS really are.

With all that said, what are YOUR plans for zagging while others are zigging? What creative weapons do you have in your arsenal. What would you do if the economy drops to 2008 levels, or even worse?

If and when that happens, we all need to stick together and help each other not only survive that kind of catastrophe, but THRIVE in the face of it.



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