Step 6 of 7 To Flip Your Income (Fill It)

FLIP YOUR INCOME! TOPIC: Passive income = limitless earning potential and wealth Once your business system for finding, funding and flipping properties every month, it’s time to extend your plan to include FILLING some of the best properties with properly screened and qualified tenants who will pay down each of these properties for you, creating […]

Step 5 of 7 To Flip Your Income (Fix It)

FLIP YOUR INCOME! FILL IT! (rehabbing, aka fix ‘n flip deals) Some investors view rehabbing as an advanced stage you get to once you’ve mastered wholesaling. Some prefer to just scale up their wholesaling business and avoid the added complexities of rehabbing, construction and selling directly to retail buyers, by sticking with a B2B (business-to-business […]

Step 4 of 7 To Flip Your Income (Fund It)

FLIP YOUR INCOME! Time for the topic many of you are most interested in… The “Fund It” stage of dealmaking. Funding really breaks down into 5 main sources: Your own funds Private lenders Institutional lenders The seller Another rehabber (i.e. wholesaling) Within each of those categories are multiple options, and in Video 4, Lee reveals […]

Step 2 of 7 To Flip Your Income (Find It)

FLIP YOUR INCOME! Welcome to Day 2 of your 7-part FLIP YOUR INCOME video course! Today Lee will share with you some killer tips on how to create enough dealflow to make offers to sellers every single day, consistently, and become a true real estate entrepreneur. Here’s what you’ll learn today… [su_list icon=”icon: angle-double-right” icon_color=”#CC0000″ […]

Why Funding Is NOT Your #1 Problem

Finally… The Truth Is Revealed About Money For Real Estate Investors The headline of this article is extremely ironic considering the real estate investing communities we run, with more than 250,000 subscribers, consistently indicates their number one business concern is … You guessed it. Funding. Today I am stating for the record my disagreement with […]

Grumpy Grandpa Brought To Tears Over New Home

The real estate business is full of ups and downs, frustrations and victories. Many of us are in the pursuit of financial independence and wealth in order to bless others generously, as well as provide a nice lifestyle for ourselves and our family. We deal in wood and concrete, contracts and computers… but at the […]

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