Filled with user-friendly step-by-step worksheets, checklists, sample documents, foreclosed property Web sites, and a helpful glossary, this book helps you make sense of all the changes in the foreclosure market. Buying Real Estate Foreclosures guides you toward a purchase that will leverage the most profit — safely and sanely — with minimal risk. It offers the latest information on this hot real estate market, including…

Written by one of America’s most experienced real estate experts, this completely revised and updated book, Buying Real Estate Foreclosures is broken down into 14 simple chapters…

  1. Understanding Foreclosures
  2. The Basics of Buying Foreclosures at the Auction
  3. The Basics of Buying Foreclosures after the Auction — from Banks
  4. The Basics of Buying Foreclosures after the Auction — from Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies
  5. The Basics of Buying Foreclosures before the Auction
  6. Financing Foreclosures with Traditional Real Estate Loans
  7. Creative Strategies for Financing Foreclosures
  8. Equity Sharing: Buying Foreclosures with a Partner
  9. Choosing the Right Property: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
  10. Preparing Your Bid Sheet
  11. Congratulations! You Are The Successful High Bidder
  12. Now That You Own the Property
  13. Making Repairs to Your Foreclosure
  14. Getting Started Today

Flipping Awesome Takeaway

We’ve heard it said that there are “riches in the niches”. There are more strategies and niches in the real estate world than you could even successfully pursue, but the strategy behind profiting from foreclosures has been tried and true for several decades. This book, Buying Real Estate Foreclosures, is simply a step-by-step guide to breaking down the process of finding, acquiring, and profiting from foreclosure deals.

Depending on what where the real estate market is at any given point in time, there will always be opportunity to profit from foreclosure deals, regardless of which market you’re in, or where the market is currently at.

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