In Foreclosure Myths, Roberts & Cummings share seventy-seven persistent myths that prevent would-be homeowners and real estate investors from taking advantage of the tremendous profit to be had in foreclosures. They show you how to find, evaluate, and buy foreclosure properties at a discount — including how you can use other people’s money (OPM) to finance your investment. In addition, the book features quotes and firsthand stories from the top industry professionals and handy resources like national and state foreclosure guidelines, sample forms, checklists, and all the other tools everyday investors need to earn a profit buying, fixing up, and selling or renting out foreclosure properties — or simply making the property their new home.

Learn why these and other myths aren’t true at all:

  • There’s nothing an investor can do to assist distressed homeowners
  • Only insiders can find good foreclosure properties
  • You need a lot of money to start investing
  • Only experts can understand the foreclosure process
  • Every foreclosure property is a moneymaking deal
  • Real estate agents always get the good deals at auction
  • Foreclosed properties are always in terrible shape
  • You can only sell a foreclosure home after extensive renovations

Here’s what others are saying about Foreclosure Myths…

There’s good money to be made in foreclosures, and Foreclosure Myths shows you how to collect on it! Any new or experienced investor will find this book an invaluable resource guide that will eliminate hours of research and frustration. — Tim Kleyla, President, The Mortgage House

I wish a had had a copy of this book years ago when I got started investing — now I’ll recommend a copy to every one of my clients! — Brad Kent, CEO, SmartLeads USA

Packed full of solid, useful information and tips for both new and experienced investors alike! When it comes to analyzing foreclosures, this book is easy to read and easy to follow, and makes it easy to succeed! — Tim Wooding, CEO, Executive Mortgage Group

Written by a tag-team of real estate & finance experts, Foreclosures Myths is broken down into 8 unique sections that uncover a total of 77 different Foreclosure Myths…

  1. Getting Started (10 myths)
  2. The Foreclosure Process (9 myths)
  3. Finding The “Right” Properties (10 myths)
  4. Analyzing the Deal (10 myths)
  5. Financing the Property (9 myths)
  6. Securing the Property (8 myths)
  7. Cashing In! (9 myths)
  8. Avoiding Disaster (12 myths)

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