From the creators of Funding For Flipping…

Please pay attention to the following. You have a choice to make.

We are the Kalis Brothers, Dan and Joe. Or, Danny and Joey, as our parents used to call us. 😉

You’ve been getting emails from the Funding For Flipping team about their innovative working capital program for real estate investors. Hope that’s working out for you!

How do we know this?

Well, we wrote this email to explain our unique relationship to Funding For Flipping AND to let you know about something else we are quite excited about sharing with you (TEASER: it’s called the “Flipping Awesome! Alliance.”)

You may remember reading our testimonial about getting $120,000 from Funding For Flipping for our real estate and other businesses.

Since our business and personal lives have been impacted so positively because of that capital we got from Funding For Flipping, as clients ourselves, we’ve arranged to help the company promote the program to our fellow investors, like you, as strategic marketing and joint venture partners.

We are first, and foremost entrepreneurs… who are highly skilled marketers… who happen to love real estate. We are both investors and licensed agents (more so licensed investors than agents who invest, FYI).

We created the brand (name) “Funding For Flipping” as a way to:

  1. Help real estate investors access working capital, because we believe this market is underserved and under-educated about different types of funding and capitalization
  2. Help our funding company partner develop a niche with real estate investors, rather than only being a generic commercial lender
  3. Build a community of real estate investors, with whom we can network, mastermind with, learn from, and to whom we can provide ongoing insights and resources.

Just to give you an idea of our marketing expertise, creativity, and execution, we have built an online marketing system for our partner (funding company) that:

  • Invests and manages more than $100,000 per month in media advertising
  • Generates more than 500 new leads every day
  • Yields more than 250 booked phone appointments every business day for a 20-person sales team
  • Creates access to nearly $10 million of total capital to more than 100 real estate investors every month

We don’t share with you these statistics to brag, but to demonstrate to you that we KNOW marketing, systems and business operations.

Much of what we do every day, and what we’ve learned over the years, can be applied to the day-to-day operations of an individual real estate investor, whether you are a one-person company, or a growing enterprise that leverages the time and efforts of many team members (VAs, acquisition manager(s), project manager(s), sales reps, processors, marketing manager, etc.).

This is why we developed The Flipping Awesome Alliance ( — to share with you the very best insights, strategies and resources to help you be awesome at everything from marketing, building and running systems, leadership, sales, and managing and scaling your operations.

For your convenience, you’ll be automatically added to the Alliance, and start receiving emails from us with the following:

  • Stories and observations from our journey as real estate entrepreneurs and trainers
  • Blog articles (about marketing, entrepreneurship, real estate investing strategies, and much more)
  • Videos and Podcasts (our insights and observations, and interviews with sharp people from inside and outside the REI space)
  • Special offers on useful resources (tools, education, etc.)
  • Fun stuff (contests, giveaways, cool merchandise, etc.)

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