The Millionaire Real Estate Investor (Part 1): Charting The Course

Part 1: Charting the Course is all about setting a foundation for success in your real estate investing journey. A large part of success in any venture has to do with your attitude about it, as well as how clear you are on your goals surrounding it. In this section of the book, you’ll also find out about the 8 MythUnderstandngs Between You and Financial Wealth as well as the 5 MythUnderstandings About The Way You Look At Investing.

  • Each of us should wake up every day and say to ourselves, “I’m an investor. I’m building financial wealth. Is today the day I find an opportunity to make a deal?”
  • A proven model is a process or method used to produce desirable, repeatable results. A proven model built on the best practices of high achievers in a given area will produce the most desirable and predictable results as well as maximize your chances for continued success over time.
  • High achievers use models to take the luck out of the game. They implement big models to minimize risk and maximize profit when buying, holding, and selling real estate.
  • The three areas of focus for the Millionaire Real Estate Investor — Criteria, Terms and Network — determine what you’ll buy, how you’ll buy it and who will help you.
  • CTN: The Dynamic Trio of Investing
    • Criteria identify potential deals
    • Terms determine the real deals
    • Your Network supports all your deals
  • The path of the Millionaire Real Estate Investor progresses through four stages, and they are best pursued in this order:
    • Think a Million
    • Buy a Million
    • Own a Million
    • Receive a Million
  • Many high-achieving investors have faced fears or doubts about investing that ultimately proved unfounded. These common MythUnderstandings can stand between you and true financial wealth building. Examining them can ultimately free you to pursue your dreams.
  • Yes, you do need to be an investor. Chances are, your current job income and savings plan will not be nearly enough to build true financial wealth. Your job is your job; building financial wealth is something else
  • Yes, you do need and want to be financially wealthy. Becoming an investor is about preparing for the minimums and maximums in your life. Instead of forgetting your dreams and living within your means, pursue the means to live your dreams!
  • Yes, you can do it! Don’t place limits on your financial potential. “I can’t” is just a rationale for not trying. Believe that true financial wealth is possible for you no matter where you are in your life.

As you can see, there is a ton of value packed into this book, and it’s one that you should definitely have on your shelves.

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