Do you suffer from Perfectionitis or Detailitis?

I.e. Procrastinating on or not completing something because it’s not “perfect” or because you don’t have every little detail figured out.

It’s paralyzing. Some people refer to it as “paralysis by analysis.” But it can affect you in more ways than that.

It’s one of those common ailments of entrepreneurs and creative types.

I’m as afflicted as anyone.

But I heard something great the other day…

‘Step Done’ is way better than ‘Step None.’

Taking that first step…

“A journey of a million miles begins with the first step.”

Making that first call (of the day, or ever)…

Making that first offer…

Calling that first cash buyer…

Writing the first sentence of your sales letter to sellers…

Drafting an outline for a blog post or video to attract sellers…


When you’re working ON your business (instead of or in addition to working IN your business), the goal is to create:

A. Systems
B. Assets (marketing, property, etc.)

… which produce ongoing residual results.

Do the work ONCE, get paid perpetually.

If you’re not CREATING those two things, you’re just working.

Grind and hustle are two major buzz word today for entrepreneurs — successful ones, aspiring ones, and especially posers.

Sure, grind and hustle… but try to put that effort into something that will produce results on its own — leads, appointments, income.

Something I came up with to help me cure detailitis and perfectionitis is breaking up the task/project into two categories:

1. Creation
2. Modification

This allows you to free your mind and just DO (create) SOMETHING, knowing you can and will go back LATER to modify it… enhance it… optimize it.

I’m choosing to take my own advice today.

How about you?

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