The Book On Managing Rental Properties

Have you ever heard that in business, you should learn from your mistakes? Trial, fail, adjust? Well, that’s certainly true, but not as powerful as learning from OTHER PEOPLE’S MISTAKES!

When it comes to working with tenants in an investment property, it is ABSOLUTELY to your benefit to learn as much as you can from other people’s experiences so that you don’t have to learn them all the hard way.

So, after suggesting that our Flipping Awesome community tear into “The Book On Rental Property Investing“, by Brandon Turner, it would only make sense to ALSO share another closely-related book by the same author (and co-host of Bigger Pockets)…”The Book On Managing Rental Properties“!

Strangely enough, Brandon wrote and released the book on managing properties before he wrote the book on how to invest in them, but we digress… 😉

This book completes a ridiculously powerful 1-2 punch in the real estate buy & hold world, teaching REI students not only how to build a business to acquire a rental portfolio in “The Book On Rental Property Investing“, but then following it up with “The Book On Managing Rental Properties“.

Click here to pick up your copy of “The Book On Managing Rental Properties” now!

This makes my OCD-brain so happy…breaking down all the details for each of these two parts of the business separately but being made available to complement each other.

The sub-title of “The Book On Managing Rental Properties” is “A proven system for finding, screening, & managing tenants with fewer headaches and maximum profit!”, and is broken down by the following chapter titles…

  1. So You Want To Be a Landlord?
  2. The Eight Business Attributes Of A Successful Landlord
  3. Initial Steps
  4. Fair Housing
  5. Advertising Your Vacancy
  6. Tenant Pre-Screening
  7. The Application Process & Tenant Screening
  8. Signing The Rental Contract
  9. Managing Tenants
  10. Dealing With Problems
  11. Getting Rid of Bad Tenants
  12. Dealing With Contractors
  13. What To Do When Your Tenant Moves Out
  14. Business Organizations And Bookkeeping
  15. Thirteen Principles For Being An Incredible Landlord (pages 311-318)

Click here to pick up your copy of “The Book On Managing Rental Properties” now!

Here’s what others had to say…

Without years of experience I would never have known just how much there is to managing rental properties. This book drastically shortens the learning curve and curtails critical mistakes saving you immeasurable amounts of time and money. Written from the perspective of Brandon Turner and his wife Heather Turner, this book will walk you through the process of designing your rental investments to run as a business rather than a hobby.

This book gives you a clear path for properly managing your rental properties. There’s a lot that goes into being a landlord, and it isn’t always a no-brainer. I got so much out of this book, things like fair housing laws, how to advertise my vacancy, how to screen potential tenants and how to deal with problems.

Pure gold. Brandon and Heather do a great job explaining the how’s and the whys of management. Do yourself a favor, invest in this book if you have properties or are remotely considering delving into the world of management rental property. This type of content has saved my wife and I a fortune and plenty of headaches.

In Summary…

Rental properties are a great way to create positive cashflow without having to know all the ins and outs of fixing up a house. However, without a proper system for managing a property portfolio, you can actually get yourself into more trouble than not! With The Book On Managing Rental Properties, you’ve got a roadmap for exactly how to manage your rental properties. If you already have this book, I would highly recommend re-visiting it. Every step of the way in your real estate investing journey, you will have new challenges and new things you’ve learned…and the content of the book will resonate with you in different ways. Definitely dust it off if you have it!

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