The Book on Rental Property Investing

“How to Create Wealth and Passive Income Through Smart Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing”

What a powerful sub-title, wouldn’t you say??

As the co-host of the wildly popular online real estate investing community and podcast, Bigger Pockets, author Brandon Turner has seen a huge amount of success at a young age, all in part to his expertise in the real estate investing world. As he explains inside the cover of his book, “The Book On Rental Property Investing“, he has built a life for himself where he has complete financial freedom because of his real estate investments. He is able to live the kind of life he chooses, not one that was given to him.

Sounds like the goal of every aspiring entrepreneur, right?

How awesome, then, that Brandon has dumped his brain into 378 pages of real estate investing goodness, as a roadmap for you to be able to do the same thing! Success in rental property investing is not by any means rocket science, but there certainly is a formula that works, and Brandon has laid it all out for anyone interested to know.

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Within these 378 pages are the following heavy-hitting chapters…

  1. Why I Love Rental Properties (pages 9-38)
  2. The Five Keys To Rental Property Success (pages 39-58)
  3. Four Sample Plans (pages 59-82)
  4. The Ten Members of Your Real Estate Team (pages 83-107)
  5. Analyzing A Rental Property (pages 108-136)
  6. Investing While Living In An Expensive Area (pages 137-148)
  7. Types of Rental Properties (pages 149-168)
  8. Location, Location, Location!  (pages 169-184)
  9. How To Find Rental Properties (pages 185-198)
  10. Which Properties Make the Best Rentals? (pages 199-214)
  11. Submitting Your Offer (pages 215-230)
  12. Real Estate Negotiation (pages 231-242)
  13. Financing Your Rental Property (pages 243-270)
  14. How To Get A Loan Approved, Guaranteed (pages 271-282)
  15. The Due Diligence Process (pages 283-296)
  16. Getting Ready to Close (pages 297-310)
  17. Managing Your Rentals – Part 1 (pages 311-338)
  18. Managing Your Rentals – Part 2 (pages 339-356)
  19. Exit Strategies & 1031 Exchanges (pages 357-372)
  20. Final Thoughts (pages 373-378)

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As you can see from these chapter titles, there is a lot that goes into a successful buy & hold business, but it’s all part of a system. For just $10 (Kindle version), the details within these chapters could change your financial picture forever.

Here are some things other people had to say about the book…

This is one of the few books that is not only a good introduction but also has a ton of information for seasoned real estate investors as well. I was truly amazed and to think I almost skipped over this book because I thought it was one of those real estate scams! Great book with great information.

Brandon and the team break down the process step by step in an easy to digest fashion. This book is great for those who really want a window into the world investing. I would highly recommend it to those getting started as well as folks who have years of experience!

I am just getting into this field. I would say, without a doubt, this is an education you can’t afford to miss. Every aspect and every investor type is defined and explained as if this guy is your good friend. Insurance to mortgages and everything in between. He tells you his major screw ups and tells you how to avoid them.

In Summary…

Rental properties are a great way to create positive cashflow without having to know all the ins and outs of fixing up a house. With The Book On Rental Property Investing, you’ve got a roadmap for exactly how to get in the game. If you already have this book, I would highly recommend re-visiting it. Every step of the way in your real estate investing journey, you will have new challenges and new things you’ve learned…and the content of the book will resonate with you in different ways. Definitely dust it off if you have it!

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