Most successful real estate investors will agree that “you make money when you BUY, not when you sell.”

If that’s true (and we believe it is), then what could be more important than learning and mastering methods for quickly and accurately analyzing potential deals — ruling out bad ones rapidly and focusing only one lucrative opportunities.

If you can master this one element of investing/flipping, the rest will be a virtual cakewalk.

In today’s free tutorial video, the “500-Deals-Per-Year Man” Lee Kearney will reveal to you:


  • Easy and quick ways to crunch numbers to “figure” your deals
  • The balance between over- and under-bidding on properties
  • How to take emotion out of your business decisions
  • The most important details to focus on when doing comps are _______
  • Commonly overlooked property elements when doing comps
  • Two different valuation types: _______ and _________
  • Tips on estimating repair costs on rehabs, even if wholesaling
  • A foolproof way to quickly get accurate repair estimates
  • Determining MAO correctly — Maximum Allowable Offer
  • The biggest mistake new wholesalers make


Please let us know if you have any questions about these topics in the comments below.


Day 3 Figure It

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