Time for the topic many of you are most interested in…

The “Fund It” stage of dealmaking.

Funding really breaks down into 5 main sources:

  1. Your own funds
  2. Private lenders
  3. Institutional lenders
  4. The seller
  5. Another rehabber (i.e. wholesaling)

Within each of those categories are multiple options, and in Video 4, Lee reveals several of them, as well as a handful of useful and actionable tips to help you doing deals with at least one of these funding sources, no matter what your experience level.


  • ______ is the #1 thing keeping you from getting all the funding you need
  • The killer strategy that doesn’t even require funding to make 5-figure checks
  • Why you never have to use your own money to do deals
  • How to pitch your opportunities to private investors/lenders
  • “Creative financing” that doesn’t require an actual lender
  • Sources of your own funding you may not have thought of
  • Property title research, simplified


Please let us know if you have any questions about these topics in the comments below.


Day 4 Fund It

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