FILL IT! (rehabbing, aka fix ‘n flip deals)

Some investors view rehabbing as an advanced stage you get to once you’ve mastered wholesaling. Some prefer to just scale up their wholesaling business and avoid the added complexities of rehabbing, construction and selling directly to retail buyers, by sticking with a B2B (business-to-business model) of flipping contracts to rehabbers.

However, there is more to rehabbing than big paychecks. For many the allure includes the creativity and satisfaction of turning something ugly into something beautiful.

If any of those reasons appeal to you, this email and Video #5 is for YOU!

The “Fix It” stage, which includes…

  1. Rehabbing/retailing
  2. Wholetailing (cosmetic updates only)
  3. Teardown-Rebuild (new construction)

Here’s what’s on tap for Video 5 today:


  • Upgrading to MONSTER paydays by rehabbing
  • How to scale up to multiple exit strategies, mastering one at a time
  • Take ______ out of the equation when fixing and flipping deals
  • “Need to haves” vs “Nice to haves” when rehabbing properties
  • Making fast “nickels” vs slower “quarters”
  • When and how to start building your rehabbing team
  • Tips for working with Realtors on fix and flip deals


Please let us know if you have any questions about these topics in the comments below.


Day 5 Fix It

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