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TOPIC: The fastest avenue for quitting your job and going full time in real estate

Frankly, whether you’re a new real estate investor or a grizzled veteran, wholesaling houses may be the best foundational strategy of all.


With wholesaling, you can get in and out of properties quickly and not subject yourself to negative market fluctuations that can hurt you.

That’s why some people refer to wholesaling as “high velocity trading” of properties. Sounds exciting, huh?

Even Lee, who fixes and flips hundreds of properties per year, also wholesales hundreds of properties per year, in order to diversify his profit centers, reduce his market risk, and speed up cash flow to reinvest into his business system.

You can also build an automated system — a money making machine — that doesn’t involve your direct effort once built and optimized. It’s one way to create a lifestyle of financial, time and location FREEDOM.

In this final Video #7, Lee shares some of his tips and excitement about HIS own money-making machine and how he acquires tons of deals on the front end and flips them to other cash investors on the back end, all within weeks!


  • Building a qualifying hungry cash buyers list to gobble up all your wholesale deals
  • How to leverage free info and postings on Craigslist
  • Why wholesaling is the quickest and easiest avenue for quitting your job and becoming a full time real estate entrepreneur


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